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Furniture straps and senior hazards

Furniture straps and senior hazards
The phrase “accidents just happen” is no excuse to be unprepared and to not make simple changes that could greatly improve a senior’s safety in his home.

The most common hazards that can be found in a senior’s home are in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but the rest of the house needs inspecting too.

Start by installing brighter lighting to make sure everything is always in clear sight. Then make sure you remove, or tack down, all scatter rugs, as well as making sure electrical or telephone cords aren’t in traffic areas of the house where they can be easily missed and tripped over. Same thing goes for other items such as, for example, shoes.

Keep objects that you use the most in drawers or cabinets that are the easiest to reach, so you don’t need to stretch too much to get everyday items. Rethinking the arrangement of your storage shelves may seem like a difficult task if you are used to using a lot of things and everything seems important. In this case consider the idea of having furniture straps installed on both tall and heavy furniture, or on whatever other furniture you consider at risk. Furniture straps avoid tipping hazards, which can easily occur when your are trying to reach something in a high position: you loose your balance and either the object you were reaching for falls on top of you, or, while falling, you instinctively hold on to the furniture, bringing it down with you.

Furniture straps can greatly minimize the risk of tipping hazards, and make you feel more secure about walking around your home.

With the right guidance and adjustments, common household accidents ARE PREVENTABLE and [...]

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ADA approved grab bars for senior safety

ADA approved grab bars for senior safety
It’s a fact that although everyone could experience a fall, seniors are prone to falling much more than younger adults are. Luckily, most falls do not result in any injury, with the exception of minor bruises or scraped knees, but falls that occur in the bathroom, bring with them much more serious consequences.

Unfortunately many people still think that grab bars are unnecessary, as their bathroom is fitted with strategically placed towel bars, which, for some, may be used as substitutes. The reality is that towel bars, or shower/tub features, aren’t built to support the weight of a person, but the weight of towels, and are therefore unfit for the job. Grab bars are designed specifically to benefit people with balance or mobility issues, and are the safest tool a person could install in a bathroom environment to prevent falls.

Although safety is our main concern, we also realize the importance of wanting to keep your house feeling like a welcoming home, and that’s why we provide a wide selection of ADA approved grab bars to choose from, to match your decor. 


Up to 80% of falls registered in the home, take place in the bathroom, DO NOT underestimate the potential risks of slipping on a wet surface, or falling while getting in and out of a tub or shower.

Contact a Senior Safe Homes safety specialist to learn more about our custom installations and our wide selection of safe, yet aesthetically appealing, grab bars.

Fall proof your home,

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Senior Bathroom safety: Shower seats

Senior Bathroom safety: Shower seats
Aging affects each individual differently, however, the natural process of growing older generally brings on changes in abilities.

According to available data, every 13 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall, and every 20 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. It’s safe to say that a lot of these accidents could have potentially occurred in a bathroom environment.

Bathroom safety for seniors could include the installation of grab bars by the bathtub, shower or beside the toilet to provide more stability and help prevent slips and falls. Also useful in these situations are non-slip surfaces inside the tub or shower, and rubberized mats, or mats with non-skid backing, on the floor.

Senior Safe Homes safety professionals also recommend the use of shower seats, or shower chairs, to help older adults who have difficulties standing.



The shower seat and shower chair pictured above, are an adjustable height, and will help you feel safer while taking a bath, and also make it easier for you to get in and out of the tub.

Contact us at 888.481.7233 for more information

Safety is just a phone call away.

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Senior safety: Kitchen dangers


After bathrooms, kitchens are considered to be one of the most dangerous areas of a home for seniors. Potential accidents range from cooking fires, spills on the floor or reaching for hard-to-reach objects.

Most kitchen fires occur when food is left unattended, even for a short time, on the stove or in the oven, but others start from other fire hazards such as leftover grease or crumbs on your stove or counter. Keep your cooking areas as clean as possible to avoid these types of situations, and organize appliances so that the most used ones are in a position that’s easily accessible. Unplug them when not in use, keep them away from the sink and most importantly, ensure they are always maintained and used properly. Keep pot handles turned inward. When handles are turned outward, or even to the side, they can be easily bumped, causing the pot to spill or fall over.

Older adults are killed in home fires at twice the rate of society as a whole.This happens because the older we all get, the slower we become to responding to an emergency situation such as that of a house-fire. Properly installed and functioning smoke detectors can greatly reduce the risk of household accident turning into a tragedy. Also, make sure to keep a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and make it a priority to teach your loved ones how to use it correctly.

Seniors don’t have to give up their independence or their love of cooking a meal, but it’s important that they have a safe environment for them to be able to go about their routine.

Senior Safe Homes is a professional same-day safety service for seniors living on their own — or with assistance. [...]

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Keeping seniors safe in their own home

According to the National Institute of Aging, about 22% of Americans age 71 and older, are already experiencing some degree of decline in their mental faculties. The problems may not be severe enough to prevent them from going about their daily activities, but the subtle changes they are going through are effectively making them more vulnerable.
Keeping safe inside their own home should be a top priority, and the steps to ensure day to day chores run smoothly are simple.
Start by removing all obstacles in the house that could cause tripping. From small floor rugs to objects seniors could accidentally walk into like for example an oversized vase or magazine stand.

Take care of stair safety, by installing railings, lifts, or temporary and portable wheelchair ramps.

Other rooms that could do with alterations are for example kitchens, with the placing of fire detectors, or bathrooms with the installation of elevated toilet seats and adjustable shower seats.
Senior Safe Homes can help you deal with all these changes and modifications by providing safety evaluations to uncover potential hazards and making recommendations to best suit your daily activities.
It is our mission to make every senior feel safe inside their own home.
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Bathroom grab bar

As age progresses, some people choose to move into a retirement facility in order to feel safer and looked after, but most seniors, prefer to continue living in the comfort of their own home.
The decision to grow old surrounded by familiar faces and belongings, is an important one. One that consequently brings on different changes to the house in question. Safety must in fact be kept high in mind, and a sense of security can be achieved by simple additions. A bathroom grab bar for example.
Statistically each year one-third of adults aged 65 and older, suffer moderate to severe injuries due to falls, many of which, occur in a slippery shower.
Senior Safe Homes provides professional installation and has a wide selection of ADA Approved Grab Bars to choose from.

The Home Care by Moen® Stainless Grab Bar. for example, is designed to help keep your balance when you use the shower or the tub. Made from stainless steel, this bathroom grab bar gives you a firm grip to easily hold on to.

With a few simple home modifications and the addition of installing items such as grab bars outside the tub or shower, you can dramatically reduce the risk of seniors falling while in the bathroom.

Make your loved ones home safer, contact us for more information.

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