Senior Safety – For Life’s Changing Needs

Most seniors prefer to age at home where they feel comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. As we get older our family and needs change. Our adult lives often begin by building and raising a family only to send our children off to begin again on their own. Now your home has a new purpose and it is important to provide a safe environment for you and your visiting family to make new memories SAFELY.

Senior Safe Homes offers a variety of services to do just that!

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and not fatal injuries in older adults and many of them occur in a slippery shower. With a few simple home modifications and the addition of installing items such as grab bars, no-skid surfaces and shower seats can substantially reduced the risk of falling. During a Home Safety Evaluation, Senior Safe Homes will uncover hidden hazards and assist with installing grab bars, elevated toilet seats, temporary ramps, shower seats door locks and sensors.

Grandchildren are your most precious treasure and visiting the home can feel like starting all over again. Simple solutions such as removable safety gates, and cabinet and drawer latches that can be disengaged can provide safety and peace of mind for any grandparent. A few non-intrusive safety items will allow you to spend more time with them and less time worrying about what they are getting in to.

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