According to the National Institute of Aging, about 22% of Americans age 71 and older, are already experiencing some degree of decline in their mental faculties. The problems may not be severe enough to prevent them from going about their daily activities, but the subtle changes they are going through are effectively making them more vulnerable.

Keeping safe inside their own home should be a top priority, and the steps to ensure day to day chores run smoothly are simple.

Start by removing all obstacles in the house that could cause tripping. From small floor rugs to objects seniors could accidentally walk into like for example an oversized vase or magazine stand.

Take care of stair safety, by installing railings, lifts, or temporary and portable wheelchair ramps.

Other rooms that could do with alterations are for example kitchens, with the placing of fire detectors, or bathrooms with the installation of elevated toilet seats and adjustable shower seats.

Senior Safe Homes can help you deal with all these changes and modifications by providing safety evaluations to uncover potential hazards and making recommendations to best suit your daily activities.

It is our mission to make every senior feel safe inside their own home.

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